General Donations

Al-Otrojah is a non-profitable organization that aims to make knowledge of the Qur'an widespread among the Canadian Muslim community, a goal that cannot be achieved without the help of our community members. 


As you may already know, in September 2018, Al-Otrojah moved its main campus to a larger facility in order to serve the 350+ students that attend this branch. This  new facility is being leased at a cost of $5000/month over a two-year period ($120k in total, including utilities and services). The facility has been furnished at a cost of $20k (200 chairs, 30 tables and administration desks), in addition to $2500 required for initial cleaning, moving, and s setup. 

As of right now, we still need assistance in covering the leasing costs. Help us maintain a facility where the Qur'an is consistently recited and taught by supporting us with our monthly costs. 


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In order to pay by installments, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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