Sponsor a Qur'an Student or Halaqa

Our Compete in Goodness initiatives allows you to sponsor a low-income Qur'an student  to continue memorizing the book of Allah, or help support Al-Otrojah by sponsoring the delivery of a Qur'an halaqa.


  • 15% of our students are low-income students
  • Al-Otrojah offers up to a 90% discount on their fees
  • When provided with financial assistance, sponsored students are able to benefit from more stable attendance, which lets them make multiple achievements. 
  • Donations are tax deductible and can be done online, by cash, cheque, or through a pledge.

Options for sponsorship

  • Sponsor a student: $560 / year or $47/month for a year
  • Sponsor a Halaqa: $1280 / year or $107 / month for a year 

Donate here  

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