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 Online Programs are designed to enable Students all over the world to connect with our professional teachers and curriculums within a small group ( Halaqas of 4 students maximum).


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  Learning to read Arabic writing of the holy Qur'an using Al-Qa'eda Al-Noranyah and Arabic Alphabets by teaching how to Pronounce it.
1 Semesters $300/Semester


Reading all Quran in "tarteel" with recitation ,and learning tajweed practical and theoretical.


3-4 Semesters


Hifz (A)

Memorizing all Quran starting with Al-Baqarah (2.5 pages/week), learning like verses (Mutashabehat)

with tajweed practical and theoretical, and meanings.


6-8 Years


Hifz (C)

  Slow Qur'an Memorizationstarting withAl-Baqarah (1 page/week) 
with tajweed
practical and theoretical, & meanings

1 __ $300/Semester

Hifz (D)

  Slow Memorization starting with the last chapter of Qur'an. ( 1 Page/week).

With Tajweed practical & theoretical and Meanings.

1  __ $300/Semester

Young Muslim Program

(3-14 years old)

Memorize the Quran From the Last chapter,teaches themhow to read , Teach Noranyiah, Practical Tajweed catered especially for children and Teaches Islamic values. 1 Based on the Child assessment $300/Semester
Sanad *NEW


Revision and memory recitation of the entire Qur'an in front of a “Shaikh” who has Ejaza with correction of Tajweed , Makharij & sifat and learning like verses

Memorization of the whole Quran with Good Tajweed & articulation is required to join this level

1 2-3 Years $480/Semester
Makharij & Sifat Course *NEW

Training on correction of the student Makharij using Al Qaeda Noraniyah Book for Children and adults.

*Min 6 Students to start the Course

1 30 Training Hours  $200/Semester
Special Program

We accept special requests from those who wish to join any of the above programs but they wish to begin from a certain quran level or based on a certain rate of hifz & tarteel.

We can tailor a special program.

Based on the Program requests Based on the  assessment Based on the Program requests


*Please Note that One Academic Year has Two Semesters.

One Semester is 5 Months

Semester A ( September to January)

Semester B (February to June)