How It Works?

Registration Process


1- Check our locations and decide which location is the closed to you

     2- Check the programs that are offered in the location you chose and decide on which one is the most suitable for you. 

3- Register online in the program and location you believe most suitable for you. ( Need help?), Give us a call at +1 877 878 2626.

4- You will receive a confirmation email shortly after your registration. (If you didn’t receive this email, Please call us to confirm your registration)

5- Wait for your branch coordinator call for assessment and your availabilities. (Note: calls may take up to 2 weeks)

6- The coordinator will call other students in the same Halaqa and coordinate with the teacher which timing is most suitable for everyone. (Note: we try our best to accommodate everyone but no guarantees in terms of the timing)

7- The Halaqs timings and location will be sent to you by the coordinator through emails or Text Messages.

8- You are required to make the payments by the second halaqa. (If you need any financial assistance please apply in our "Sponsorship" program).